Welcome to the Simuvweb's chat! This page acts as the gate to choose Your nickname, which You'll be using in the chat room. I'd appreciate if You obeyed certain rules:

  • NO flame - I'm not about to be judge to Your arguments, which may offense a good credit of this site.
  • NO spam - According to the enhancement of user comfort, I don't require registration to enter the chat room, and that's why I hope that I'll get a good behavior as a reward.
  • NO vulgarisms - I don't care about the topic You'd pick in the chatroom, however, we're civilized people, so choose Your words as civilized people do.
  • If You agree with the rules and are entering with a bright aim, continue by filling in the form bellow.

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    Note - if Your nickname is longer than approx. 10 chars without spaces, it will be clipped in the chatroom. If You log in permanently, You'll never see this page again, You'll see directly chatroom. If You already logged in and this page shew up, You probably don't have cookies storage allowed in Your browser, or that You've been inactive for more than 10 minutes.