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All about the Glossary

I'd like to tell You, dear readers, why I have decided to launch this new section of the web, I'd like to explain You how to use it and why there wasn't such a section so far. Let me put words in Your mouth for a little bit so I can make this informative article a dialogue between a curious reader and the author.

What is the "glossary" anyway?

Glossary is the file of glosses by the definition. And a gloss is historically a side note, which has the task of clarifying something in the text. Anyway, I feel rather the modern meaning of the word, but I won't stick to the precise definition of newsletter column. I shall understand not too long expression of an opinion or experience by the gloss - and the topics will vary.

What is the sense of the glossary on the photoweb?

It may not be apparent at the first sight, but it is the expression of my gratitude. I remember many times, when I wanted to enhance my equipment with some new piece, or when I've been solving some problem, and my only salvation in those desperate moments was reading through the forums, discussions, reviews or even asking somebody more experienced. I realise that every piece of information written took a piece of work. Some of them more, such as big reviews and comparation tests, some of them less, such as two-line messages in the discussions, but they all had something in common - people made them for the others. One for free, others for the job, but always for the others. And I would like to show my gratitude for their help to them and share my own experience. One doesn't need to be a specialist to advise the others, it is enough that he already won a struggle with some error somebody else is struggling with and a few of his words can help much.

What articles will appear here in the end?

I expect the articles to be logically divided to four categories.
Opinions and observations - contents of this category will be articles, which I don't present as an objective truth, but I think their topics to be woth discussing. Maybe You'll find out that I'm old-fashioned man, who doesn't belong to this age, but I say - is it wrong not to flow with the current, if You have strong arguments?
Reviews and evaluations - here I shall try to tell those, who would like to buy some piece of equipment I've been honored to use, how it feels to work with it and objectively evaluate it's properties, in the best case even show the real results.
Howto and advices - this heading covers ways, which lead to the goal. I suppose I can't define this category better. It often happens that one is stuck in the place even if it requires just a small push - and that is exactly what I'll try to provide, because it helped myself many times.
Others - sometimes I'll want to write an article, which just won't fit any other category. For example, it could be an announcement of the exhibition or an article of amusing purpose.

For what to use the glossary?

I'll be glad if my articles will help You, or at least make Your time spent at the computer better. Anyway, each article does have a discussion appended. This is the place no less key than the article itself. Maybe You won't find exactly what You've been looking for in the article, just something close - and that is when You enter Your question, observation or an opinion to the discussion, where You can consult it with the author or other readers. And as commonly known - who doesn't ask, he doesn't know.

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