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Looking forward
Looking forward

Just the way you know me
Just the way you know me

About me
Fading (photo)

I, young man with a soul of child, despite that have a mind of elder.

I, boring logician, despite that feel strongly.

I, got rid of foolish hopes, despite that want to grow.

I, unshakeable sovereign, despite that full of doubt.

I, understanding the world through science, despite that wonder the power of moment.

I, being silent willow, consider it curse not be allowed to speak.

I, naive fool, sink under the weight of the others' mistake...

Antoine de-Saint Exupéry: " 'Then you will judge yourself,' said the king. 'That is the hardest thing.' "

I completely agree with the quotation from the book The small prince above - so you are able to imagine, how difficult it can be for me to say who I am. I say, apart grom that, what is written in the begining, that I'm really unusual creature. Various things are to be heard about me, but I say, that the word "wolrd" stands for the subjective perception of objective reality,and that's why there is as many worlds as living minds. Virtues of one world could be vices in another and conversely; but for the chaos not to rise, there must be something, what links them all. And searching for that "something" is a good reason not to conceive hatred for anybody and to appreciate the presence of people one likes.The only reason for which this could be possible, is that their worlds are somehow similar.

Besides that, during of the conversations with an old friend, I said that there is no right to judge. That is because every man has as many faces as many are companies he occurs in. After all, who starts a conversation usually given to a friend among four eyes amomg the people? Who would treat his own father as a client? But that is exactly why it is impossible to judge a man. You can say something about one or a few of the faces he shew. Faces do have shapes, properties, unusualities. Faces themselves do. But as I say, the human being is hidden in the merge of all those faces. And that is why it is impossible to judge the human himself - he can't reveal all of his faces to a single man. What is even more special, is a thought of way for the man to get to know himself. After all, the man can't look in his own face. He needs a mirror. And people around him are the shatters of this mirror. Why shatters? Because if man looks at his reflection in a mirror shatter, he can see just a part of himself. And a part he sees framed and twistedby the shape of a shatter itself - which is the legacy of he, who judged. Maybe you could tell me, who I am...

Despite that, there are some unquestionable facts:

  • 25.7.1990 - the day I was born
  • 1.9.1996 - the day when I started to go to the Teplice nad Metují primary school
  • 1.9.2001 - the day when I started to study at the Broumov grammar school
  • 20.5.2009 - the day when I passed my leaving exams from physics, maths, IT, english and czech language
  • 24.9.2009 - the day when I started studying the Physics for education programme (Physics-mathematics for grammar schools) at the MFF UK
  • 18.6.2012 - day, when I successfully passed the state final exam from physics, defended bachelor thesis and acquired a Bc. degree at the MFF UK

You can find out more in my CV. Some personal data were deleted from this public version.

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