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Bug report

You probably visited this page because something didn't work as it is supposed to. If you were surprised by some error alert, found a grammar mistake or some object apparently wasn't there, where it should be (such as an image or an button covering text etc.), let me know through the lower displayed form so I could fix the bugs as soon as possible to make your surfing more comfortable, please.

Pay attention to fill in the bug description precisely, please - reason of the bug may be in many things, so it is advisable to write:

  • A place, where te bug occured (at least the name of the page, better its URL)
  • Objective bug description (for ex. "random picture n. 1 covers the righmost part of the form for submitting the guestbook entry")
  • Used browser
  • If necessary, other technical information or circumstances (for ex. the screen resolution, if the bug was connected to the graphic issue, or something like "during the chatting with a friend at about 22:30 an error alert occured")
  • The copy of the error alert (in the case of occurance, of course, which is the most probable when submitting some form)

  • Nick: Contact:
    Bug description:
    *Filling in the contact is voluntary, but makes it possible for me to discuss the bug with you in the case of necessity and to thank you for the report.
    All the contents, design and code are spiritual property of the author!
    In the case of intention to use particular parts of the web for other than personal purposes, feel free to contact me via:
    ICQ: 301-524-126     status