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Nine times different
Nine times different

Dream your little dream before morning takes it away
Dream your little dream before morning takes it away


Welcome to the order section. What can I offer?

  • Photograpic services - due to the fact that I'm a student, I don't have many options to travel to far in a certain time, so it's highly advisable, that we consult your requests before the order itself. I'm usualy to be found around Broumov or during the working days of a school term in Prague.

Wall pictures on request - you can choose from almost all the pictures published in galleries of this site or it is possible to consult your imagination of the result and take a picture later. In that case, the previews of created results will of course be sent to you to be judged without obligation. I'm able to make from A4/A3 series of photographs to realtively big formats.

Documentation of actions - from small garden sessions, through balls, weddings, meetings to the family company opening - it's possible to speak about various options. I preffer giving the results on a CD/DVD in these cases, and them, after your choice of some of the photos, have them printed to store in albums.

Atelier photography - it is not a "atelier" in the proper sense of the word, what I use to shoot in present times, however, if you liked some of the photos from Atelier gallery, you can be sure they were taken in the same conditions I can offer now. After an arrangement, I can offer a shooting, not only for the personla presentation purposes.

Ad photography - do you need pictures of your product? Or your facility, premises? I offer the product-photo as well as the documentation od buildings or rooms, including eventual graphic works.

  • Webcoding services - all the code of this site was written by me, so i you like the whole thing or any of its parts and you would like similar presentation for you or our company, visit the Reference section, where you can find other webcoding creations. I write pages by hand in HTML, CSS and as for interactive parts, in PHP.

Personal presentation - everybody should do what he is good at. However, to make this possible, even the round has to know, what you are good at! I an offer you creating your own presentation for this purpose.

Company presentation - times, when the "Good commodity sells itself." was still in force, are long gone. Today, people shop at their computers and rumours about superior goods or services doesn't spread among people on the streets anymore. And that is why it's necessary to show the world, what can your company offer.

  • Combined services - as this and most of the other sites prove, visual parts are unseparable member of the web presentation. And what is better way to present yourself or your company, than having authentic pictures of your creation or a product or a workroom?

Company identity - would you like to establish a web presentation of your company, but you wouldn't have anything to put on the site apart from the text and contacts? In that case, it is possible to combine the webcoding order with a photodocumentation of your products or premises.

Personal identity - is your hobby some art work? Do you want to show it to the world, because you are not willing to save your creation unseen in your drawer? Then comes an option of creating your web presentation along with documenting your work.

  • Other services - maybe I can offer something more. If you have some idea or request and you think I can help you with the realisation, please, let me know.

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